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The Boston Prayer Card Company is a family-owned and operated business that was founded in 1993 by Charlie Poor and his wife, Cindy Coe. Charlie had been working for a large, national funeral supply company and, in the course of dealing with funeral directors, he became aware of the frustration that they were experiencing in obtaining custom printed memorial cards in a timely fashion. In recent years, with the advent of large, national printing and copy centers, the small local printers, who had always serviced this clientele, were becoming extinct. The small print runs on tiny cards, that were required, were not something these big companies were equipped to do.

The industry need was there and thus was born The Boston Prayer Card Company, with the mission to custom-print and deliver, literally overnight, whatever fitting memorial a family requested for their lost loved one. We operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week… the same hours as our funeral directors. During regular working hours (9-5) orders may be phoned in, and in the off-hours (when we try to sleep or have a life) our dedicated FAX line is operational 24-hours a day. It should be noted that we do encourage (carefully printed) FAXed or e-mail orders at all times as a way of eliminating errors.

However, this business is more than just a means of making a living, as it is our belief, that our cards enable people to find a bit of solace at a very difficult time. When this business was conceived, we had experienced a great deal of tragedy in our own lives. Having lost twelve family members and close friends in a period of two years, we were amazed at the consolation that these small cards, with a prayer or poem, that was significant, meant to us. Based on this personal experience, we try to address each order we receive in a sensitive and caring way.

Providing special attention might mean typesetting in Slovakian, Portuguese or Greek (please note that we can’t be responsible for typos in these cases because we have no idea what we are typing!). Other customized orders may require carefully removing stains, cracks and extraneous people from a cherished photo that is decades old.

When a family is dealing with death, we understand the wrenching emotions that they encounter and the seemingly impossible wishes they communicate to their funeral directors. To this end, we make every effort to man our phones personally - NO BUTTONS TO PUSH - and supply answers immediately.

CALL 1-800-PRAY-FOR (800 772-9367) and talk to us!

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